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Why We LOVE Media Stands

Our media stand distribution strategy is your direct route to a diverse and engaged local audience. If you’re a local business looking to enhance your visibility (and engagement) in the community, why not get in touch to find out how advertising in MyWorcestershire could help you!

🏬Strategic Placement: We use media stands that are strategically located in high-traffic areas such as hotels, galleries, libraries, and shopping centres, ensuring maximum visibility and exposure for your business.

👥Diverse Audience Reach: From leisure centres to country pubs, the media stands we use cater to a diverse audience, giving your advertisement the opportunity to reach various demographics.

👀Continuous Monitoring: Media stands are regularly monitored to identify high-performing areas. Magazines can be rotated to maintain a fresh supply in these locations, maximising the impact of your advertisement.

📈Performance Metrics: By monitoring our magazine pick-up rates, we can provide valuable data about your adverts reach - our last issue of MyWorcestershire had a pick up rate of 96.8%!

♻️Environmental Responsibility: Leftover magazines are carefully managed – any surplus can be recycled, as part of our commitment to sustainability.

📚Regular Replenishment: Media stands are consistently replenished, ensuring a steady flow of magazines for continuous exposure. Your advertisement stays prominently displayed, reaching potential customers throughout the entire 2 month distribution period.

If you're interested in finding out more about advertising in MyWorcestershire magazine send me an email so we can have a chat!

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